The road Green has traveled has been anything but easy. Overcoming many obstacles and hardships, Green has always been determined to do the one thing that has always made life simple, play music. At the age of 7, Lamar picked up a pair of drumsticks and immediately consummated his love for that thing called gospel music. It was through the rhythm of the drum that Green saw a world of possibilities that by age 16 had him playing the piano and composing the music he heard singing in his soul. That song never ended and it was that song that inspired Green to pursue his B.A in Music and Music Theory, thus paving the way for all of the work Green would go on to do as a leader and great talent.

Currently, Green has his hands in many areas of his music career, overseeing his on company Marvelous Sound, who composes music for well known artist as well as up and coming artist. Green, also hard at work musically enhancing many Top40 bands throughout the Bay as well as local ministries, with his ability to cultivate the gift of music in choirs and individual singers. Never forgetting his love for music that started so long ago, Green can be found inspiring young people all over to embrace there love for the sounds they hear in their souls too. Lamar Green a musical talent the world looks forward to seeing and hearing for years to come , looks forward to producing that energetic and provocative sound that keeps people coming back for more.

The 37 year old pianist / drummer/ composer / vocalist looks to diverse musical worlds in his fusions of gospel, jazz, R&B, pop and contemporary sounds that are sure to satisfy the listening ear. Soothing audiences all over with his unique chord arrangements and distinctive harmonic melodies Lamar, hailing from New Jersey, has denitely made his mark in the world, as a musician to be reckoned with.